How to write an essay about geography

How to write an essay about geography

You were tasked to write about geography and you had no idea how to do so. The first thing you have to do is to do research about geography and how to write essays about it. You could ask peers, essay writing service or your seniors who have experience writing them and even professors. But, if you really have no one to talk to or ask how to write a geography essay, here is a simple step by step guide on how to write it.

The first step is to do extensive research. Be specific on the area you want to write about since a geography essay literally explains what phenomena appeared and existed in physical features such as man-made objects. A geography essay also tries to explain land’s natural resources such as mountains, hills, lakes, etc. and how they all came into existence. Due to a geography essay’s complexity, an organized system known as an outline plays a critical role for students like you.

To write the introduction you must first say facts or background about the topic you wish to discuss about and continue on until you are able to form a thesis statement. Now, for the thesis statement, you can write about external factors which currently affect the geography of the area or other phenomena.

For the body, you may cite examples based on previous study done or compare it with an area that has normal stats such as temperature, appearance, and other physical conditions. Since this is a geography essay, all data to be included must be from reputable studies or sources as they will act as your bread and butter.

For the conclusions, you should summarize what the body and introduction holds such as state what primarily causes changes in the geography of the area you are writing about (if that is your thesis statement). Make sure that you reaffirm your thesis statement in this portion. Afterwards, do all the necessary checks, edits and changes before passing the final paper.

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